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About Us

kmay Strategic Consulting Inc. is a premier business consulting firm based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We hire only the best, so we can deliver only the best.  Our goal is simple: building intimate and long-lasting relationships with our clients by delivering the highest value services possible. 

Our Story

Through our finely honed project management services, and our unique risk and stakeholder management processes, we can help you to articulate strategies to achieve your long-term business objectives for tomorrow and assist in crafting the roadmap to get you there.  

After many years working in various industries ranging from manufacturing, engineering, consulting, small business, telecom, retail, and service, we started to notice many common pain points strangling a business's growth, efficiency, and efficacy.  


What became evident in many cases is that regardless of the business or industry, there are often several similarities in strategy, development, and operationalization, and transformative initiatives.  As opacity hinders clear direction forward, execution drags on past due dates, budgets inflate, and implementation falls short, companies simply aren't getting 'the juice for the squeeze' that they expected.


Many companies are tired of paying exorbitant costs for large consulting companies that pitch their A-team, delivery their third string, spend half the engagement baselining current state (what you already know), and still fall short on overall execution expectations.

kmay focuses on having a small, nimble team of experts providing dedicated "boots on the ground" support for these processes and vastly improving the success of your initiatives, programs, and projects.  


We want to know your business as well as you do.  


Having an elite firm in your corner that takes time to forge relationships to understand not only your business needs, but your people, processes, and culture, is the support many organizations need to succeed. 


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Local Collaborations

One of our foundational pillars at kmay Strategic Consulting Inc. is making the world a better place.  We take this old chestnut quite seriously, and we do this by delivering excellence to our clients, to our employees, and equally importantly to us - supporting our communities.  Volunteering and charitable donations are a fundamental part of our timesheets and our balance sheets.  To date, we have helped to support several organizations in Saskatoon and our province, and we continue to grow the list!

  • Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre

  • Saskatoon Public Schools

  • Saskatoon Public Libraries 

  • Special Olympics Canada

  • Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

City from Below


We are excited to work with you to outline exactly how we can best support your organization - from deliverable-based strategic and transformative support to mid- or long-term Project Management support contracts.

Please contact us for a consultation - we value your business and relationship. We truly live for this and can't wait to get to know you!

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